These are the ultimate products which incorporate original features to solve design issues, deliver a peace of mind, and express a personal style giving you your visual freedom and a spacious feel.

Opening windows are designed to maximise both light and the flow of air in a streamlined, elegant design. An awning window is hinged at the top and a casement window is hinged at the side. They can be fitted with restrictor stays to allow ventilation and security.

A sliding window allows an opening onto your deck, lawn or pool, ideal for situations above a deck or walkway. They are very useful over kitchen windows where a Bifold window isn't an option.

A Standard door that is ideal for back entrances, garages or laundries.

French Doors come in a variety of sizes to provide the practical design solution for any space.

With an entry door being the first impression of your home, there are all kinds of doors from the traditional wooden styles to the latest contemporary aluminium designs.

A sliding door is an excellent way to access outdoor living where space is limited.

A Stacker Door has two panels that slide the same way behind a third panel. Choose to have either fixed or opening windows incorporated into the non-sliding panel.



For larger applications the 40mm Architectural range is ideal, with the ability to create larger openings and a bold ascetic



The Commercial Suite is bold and robust. With a modern slim-line look, its suitable for a wide range of applications from single level showrooms, banks , supermarkets, general retail outlets up to factory complexes, multi storey apartments and office buildings.